• Impulsa means creativity, pro-activity and fastness. They know how to satisfy the client needs and how to implement your ideas into original promotions. Impulsa is also known for organizing events in a successful way and the client can trust them 100%.

    Alba Robinat Gerblé Brand Manager Nutrition et Santé Iberia
  • Impulsa can turn something into a spectacular thing in a record time and with a perfect technique! This is the best partner a Marketing department can have.

    Susana Coll Marketing Director biManan & Gerblé
  • Impulsa offers me a personalized service that helps me in each campaign results.

    César Sánchez-Rico Brand Manager Omega Pharma Omega Pharma
  • Impulsa made us to improve our sales with good ideas, leading projects and giving us a break to concentrate in other parts of our business. We will keep working with them!

    Mª Carmen Claret Castany Marketing Director Dietisa Dietisa
  • What’s Impulsa? They don’t do only communication or design, or events… they are compromise, dedication, love for brands, trust and much more. In conclusion, they are the responsible person that will work with you in your marketing department. Croack!

    Mercedes Cirera Product Manager Ecologic Products Cereal Bio & Natursoy
  • I trust Impulsa 100% because they give me a complete and professional service.

    Frederic Séculi Trade Marketing Coca-Cola Iberian Partners
  • It’s a company that cares about their clients. Formed by professionals, they understand your work creating campaigns with modern and technological resources and they end up doing original and creative works that are adapted to their client’s desires.

    Román Trias Marketing Director Carburos Metálicos
  • Impulsa Comunicación: empathy, trust, collaboration and an easy way to work with. These are the values that improve our relations and do our business stronger.

    Francisco Javier López Fernández Head Manager Asseguradora Mútua Terrassa
  • Impulsa is an excellent travelling partner that helped us inside the digital world. They gave us support and respect our business philosophy. We felt comfortable with them because they showed us how to deal with digital work.

    Alberto Pijuan Prats Manager Director Cedec
  • Impulsa learns fast what a client needs so they can work with them in a fast and efficient way and the whole team is involved. In an open and committed way, Impulsa is an agency that makes you feel like they were part of your marketing department.

    Jordi Xifra Marketing Responsable Beveland
  • A good ally who understands who we are, our needs and how to publicize our services. They convey confidence and efficiency in their management. They are part of the team, with strategy, creativity and design. Proof of this is the success of campaigns

    Susana Prades Marketing & Comercial Management Abertis Autopistas
  • Lorenzo Gámiz IBIZA LUXURY